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Two Pens


the story of your life

First, a bit of my story:


I’ve been writing and editing non-fiction articles and books for thirty-five years
and have taught writing, editing, and publishing for almost as long. A few years ago I collaborated on a book proposal with a police officer. Joe has a big heart and a career filled with success in chasing bad guys, particularly those who prey on elders. We were writing about his career and about the issue of elder abuse.

We finished the proposal, and with the help of my agent we stirred up interest from publishers. But soon we learned that distance (Joe and I live 5,000 km. apart) can make collaboration difficult. We put the book on hold. Joe began working on a literary fiction book, and I decided to search for another collaborator--closer to home. Maybe that's you. How we might collaborate depends on your focus:

I'm looking for a person whose story will draw readers, inspire them, and linger in their minds. If that sounds like you, please read on --Elizabeth Rains

  • If you want to write your own story, I could coach you.

  • If you have already written your story, I could edit it.

  • If you want me to write the text, I could meet with you, interview you, do some research, and turn your story into a book.

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