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Demon in My Blood, memoir and stories about hepatitis C, its history, treatment, and big pharma

Demon in My Blood was published by Greystone Books on May 19, 2017. The book, as well as the Kindle edition, is available on Amazon. The book contains selected notes and references. For a complete list, please see the Demon in My Blood Notes and References page on this website.

Vancouver Parents Survival Guide, resources and lifestyle tips for parents in a busy city

Elizabeth's first book, The Vancouver Parents Survival Guide, was published by Brighouse Press. It was a regional best seller in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Why the palm trees? Elizabeth often visits Florida, where her family lives. It will form the setting of her book on elder exploitation. Joe Roubicek, who is collaborating with Elizabeth on the book, works as a criminal investigator for the Office of the State's Attorney in Florida.

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